Guinea Pig Advice

Up until August 2016 we were also caring for and rehoming Guinea Pigs. Although this has now stopped, we still offer advice on how to care for them and are able to board Guinea Pigs as well. Guinea Pigs are very rewarding pets if treated kindly. Please look through our guides to find out how you can be a responsible guinea pig owner.

Guinea Pig Guides

Gentle, yet inquisitive little animals, Guinea Pigs can make brilliant pets. Our Guides give advice on bonding guinea pigs, what to feed them, how to house them and a lot of information on healthcare. Please read them as they are a lot trickier to care for correctly than many people think but once you know the basics, you will be able to vastly improve the quality of their lives.

Wheeks And Squeaks - What Is My Piggy Saying?

Garrulous little beings, one of the most enjoyable things about piggies is that they talk! Piggy listeners will soon pick up different noises and learn to identify their meanings.

  • Contented clucking means just that. They squeak away quite happily to each other. A mother clucks away to her babies almost as reassurance.
  • Teeth chattering - anger.
  • "Brrrr" - nervousness.
  • Long high pitched squeal - fear or pain.
  • A crescendo of high squeaks from them all together means they have heard you coming and want FOOD NOW!!!!
  • A deeper throated brrr along with an Indian dance around the other piggy is dominance. This is more usually associated with neutered boars to his sow, or perhaps between two boars.

Recommended Books & Websites

  • Guinea Piglopaedia, written by Margaret Elward and Metter Ruelokke, Ringpress Books, ISBN 1-86054-251-4, price in region of £10.
  • The Really Useful Guinea Pig Guide, by Myra Mahoney, Kingdom Books, ISBN 185279127 - b, price in region of £6.
  • Sadly deceased now, Peter Gurney has left some lovely books to read about his beloved guinea pigs. There is also his own web site listing various ailments/treatments etc, at
  • - a really great web site run by another rescue in Rugby which has now sadly closed. However, Tracy has helped when I have had an 'overflow' of piggies in the past, is passionate about their welfare and her website is a great source of additional tips and care advice.
  • for shampoos and oils.

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